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Friday, 24 May 2013

Roskilde and the Viking Ship Museum, Denmark

This was our last stop in Scandinavia for now. We were feeling that you can't come to this part of Europe without learning about the Vikings. That is why we visited the museum back in Stockholm and that we stopped here in Roskilde to see the Viking Ship museum. They found 5 old boats in the bottom of the see from the Viking time and dug them out to restore them. They rebuilt the ships as good as they could with the pieces left. It is a really interesting process. Now, they are also building copies of ships, by hand, with the same tools and techniques the Vikings were using at the time.

Viking Ship Museum

Andrée-Anne as a Viking
Seb as a Viking

The copies in action

The best way to spend our last 18 kroners.

To leave Scandinavia, we took a train to Germany. When the train gets to Fehmarn Belt, they put the whole train on the ferry to cross to Germany. We were impressed as we weren't expecting that.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

København, Denmark

A good break from the Cruising now. We stayed in Copenhagen for 2 nights. We really like the atmospherehere. This is one of the nicest city we have seen.

The Little Mermaid
Of course, we first stopped to the little mermaid. It is a famous sculpture from Edvard Eriksen. It is to commemorate the famous tale from Hans Christian Anderson. He is the author of the famous story The Little Mermaid.
Bull chariot statue
As the sign says... we might as well go check it out.
Nyhavn, København, Danmark
This is a really nice little street by a canal. It is also, together with the pedestrian shopping streets, the most touristic streets we walked in Copenhagen.
Amalienborg Castle Place

Pedestrian street, Copenhagen