Sunday, 19 May 2013

Hellesylt - Asenakken hike, Norway

For our next day in Hellesylt, we choose a bigger hike to Asenakken. The hike was 3.5 km long with an elevation of 870 m. This was, for both of us, the hardest hike we did. It took us 4 hours to get up, after getting lost a couple times. We were gone for 8 hours that day, and came back really tired from climbing 2 mountains in a row. The view was also really rewarding, even better than the day before. We had a view over a lot of white peaks overlooking the Geiranger Fjord.

View of Hellesylt
First stop, with the mountain still in front of us.
Hellesylt view
The Fjord
The summit
870 m high
The Valley next door
Hellesylt waterfall
Seb waiting for the bus with a nice view 
Hellesylt - Geiranger Ferry

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